Should I Embrace The Benefits Of Hugging?


Should I Embrace The Benefits Of Hugging?

Koalas Experience the Benefits of Hugging

Benefits of Hugging Affect You and Me

“Studies have shown that a person giving a hug gets just as much benefit as a person being hugged,” according to Dr. Tiffany Field of the Touch Research Institute. What exactly are the benefits of hugging?

It’s interesting to know that hugging may actually help keep you healthy and happy this winter. Believe it or not, indulging in a warm embrace might help you avoid getting sick. “Hugging protects people who are under stress from the increased risk of colds usually associated with stress,” explains Professor Cohen, from Carnegie Mellon University.

Science tells us that hugging triggers a release of the oxytocin hormone, otherwise known as the “cuddle hormone.” Sometimes when levels of oxytocin increase, there is a decrease in heart rate and drop in the stress hormones, cortisol and norepinephrine. Lowering stress levels through touch can not only make you feel better overall, but also make you less susceptible to stress colds.  

Console Through Hugs

Whether you are under extreme pressure or experiencing intense feelings of grief, hugging benefits those who are suffering. The most appropriate time to communicate through touch is when you or someone needs consoling. Research shows that touch through hugs or pats is the best way to comfort someone.  

“You can’t touch without being touched. A lot of those same beneficial physiological consequences happen to me, the person doing the touching,” says Dr. Field. In essence, if you give a hug then you receive a hug. Hugging allows you to fully express what you feel, but also fully receive the comfort and support you need.

Touch For Love

Hugging is also a way to express ecstatic feelings of joy or love and can be a marker of intimacy. “It looks so far like the couples who touch more are reporting more satisfaction in the relationship,” concluded Christopher Owens of Hartford from his study of 69 couples. Whether you are elated or frustrated, hugging helps keep you positively connected to your partner.

Not only is exchanging hugs good for your relationship, but further research by the Touch Research Institute found that “a massage from a loved one can not only ease pain but also soothe depression and strengthen a relationship.” The research revealed that the person giving the massage experienced as great a reduction in stress hormones as the person receiving. 

When a Hug Just Isn’t Enough

The benefits of hugging is mutually exchanged. So, why not hug more often? Give someone a pat on the back or hug for a job well down. Console a friend through a rough time with a ginormous hug. Celebrate a new beginning with a heartfelt hug. Hugs are free. What are you waiting for, go on, go give someone a hug!

However, consider receiving a massage when your stress levels are uncured by a hug. A therapeutic massage might help ease pain from emotional and physical discomfort. Yomatherapy offers mobile massage therapy sessions in the comfort of your own home. Contact us today to ask questions, book your session, or purchase a gift certificate. In the meantime, we are sending you a big, virtual hug.  

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