I Do Yoga Because


I Do Yoga Because

I do yoga because…

…yoga is the thing right now. This is not a reason why I do yoga. But, yes, yoga is very trendy and commercial at the moment. I’ve been practicing yoga for over 20 years. My reasons have evolved over the years as I’ve changed and grown. I do yoga because of a few fun reasons. Here’s why I love getting on the mat today:

I do yoga because… after a 5 mile run it feels so good.

To get licks from my dogs. Seriously though, after a sweaty run around the ranch, there’s nothing better than getting on my mat. My doggies assist me in stretching out my hammies, quads, and hips. I typically practice postures like posterior stretch, fixed firm, pigeon, and reclined spinal twist to target my tight areas. The best part is being ground level for my dogs to give me full on love in the form of wet sloppy kisses.

I do yoga because… I’m awake way too early Sunday Mornings.

Just ask my fiancé. Around sunrise, I sneak out of bed and out of the house to take a hot flow class in town. Not only do I get a good workout in before most people have even wiped the sleepies from their eyes, but then I get to do my other favorite thing: food shop. I get to browse the aisles in peace before the church crowd arrives. There’s just something about starting my week and day off in solitude.

I do yoga because… Otherwise I’d probably die.

Not literally die, but I’d feel like I’m about to die a lot. The thing is, is that I suffer from panic attacks. Doing yoga helps me to not be so anxious. This is because, when I practice yoga I focus on my breath, the present moment, and actually feeling alive. The more I practice yoga, the less crazy I feel. I’m at a point now in my life and practice that my yoga lessons are transitioning off the mat and into my everyday activities. This allows me to live a much more fulfilling life.  


I do yoga because… I can do it anywhere.

I can practice at home, in a studio, on the beach, or in front of the Buckingham Palace for the Queen to see. Yoga is also for everyone and everyBODY. So, wherever you are in life or in your yoga practice, just for fun, answer this: I do yoga because…

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